Saturday, October 31, 2009

Time to get ready for a PINK CHRISTMAS!

I want a Pink Christmas this year.

But it won't happen without a little work.

So ....

I'd better get out of bed!

Get dressed and ready to go.

Shoes ....

or KICKY!!

Guess that's NOT even a choice, lol!

Now about a coat ...

Something banded with a little fur trim, perhaps?

or maybe something in a tailored crop jacket?
No ...

I always go with the gittery hot pink
swing coat.

easy to shop in!
because a stylish gal

(or one having a 
bad hair day!!)

should NEVER
go out without her hat!

 since this IS
the Northwest ...


Almost forgot my camera!

Might need to take a few pics for my friends
and post on 
Pink Saturday!

They would
the pink pointsettias!

Mmmm ....
such YUMMY
pink candles!

Of course,
I might need a few
new pink ornaments, lol!

And who isn't
looking for 

I'd better head out the door.

See you soon!

Hugs and hope all your Saturdays are PINK-A-LICIOUS!!

ps ... still not sure what to wear to a Halloween Party tonight ... 
visit Betty (who is also a Pink Saturday participant!)  at She's Sew Sweet here ...  
she shows many choices .... here's one!

note: FAB vintage coats available at 
Dorthea's Closet -  Vintage here
This Next here
Zuburbia Green Vintage here

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

White Wednesday - Here Comes the Bride part 2

It's another manic monday ....

(get it ... The Bangles?)

NO! NO! NO! Sammy Girl!

It's NOT Monday and
 we're not "wishin it were Sunday"

 but we're HAPPY 

that it's

White Wednesday ...

and we're off to see the brides!


This sign from here should help us find the way!
The etsy site Signs by Diane is out of stock
but you could always ask if you need one!  

Don't ya just LOVE a 

Diggin' those glasses ...
and her watch!
The whole bridal party
from a wedding about the same period ...
including a flower girl
with an REALLY BIG bow.
Here's another ....

Wax orange blossoms for
him and her.
UBER traditional thanks to
Queen Victoria.
More on wax orange blossom pieces

Doesn't this next one look like a 

Now you know what they were copying!

And another, similar in style ...
and HE's wearing white gloves!!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

BOO-ti-ful Banner and That's What It's All About .. lol!


Halloween is almost upon us.

Just a couple of days away.


Your house doesn't look exquisite  ...


Yes, I know I already showed you
Aleta's fabulouse place ....

Visit her blog The Silly Bear
  here to see more.

Don't have time to 
decorate the whole room?

Look close ...

the focal point is ...

A "BOO" banner.

Maybe you could make one?

There are lots of different styles ...

Banner above from 

Here's another one!
Tutorial for this banner at
Joli Paquet

If you have NEVER
visited Joli Paquet ...

you MUST!

Lots of  free tutorials.

What if vertical fits your space?


Looky here!

Rosemary Olson at Rose Petite Maison
with a "how to do it" here!


can have a 
BOO-tiful focal point, too!

This just in ...

 e-mail from the fabulous and wonderful 
Miss Linda

I had to share it with you.

In Memoriam 

With all the sadness and trauma going on in the world at the moment, it is worth reflecting on the death of a very important person, which almost went unnoticed last week.   Larry LaPrise, the man who wrote "The Hokey Pokey", died peacefully at age 93.   The most traumatic part for his family was getting him into the coffin.  They put his left leg in.  And then the trouble started.


Hugs and remembering "That's What It's All About"!
Sammy Girl

Friday, October 23, 2009

Pink Saturday - Celebrate Pink Style!

Pink is so much more than a color ....
It has come to symbolize youth ...
women's independence ...
femininity ...
and a call to action.

October is Breast Cancer Prevention Month

pink ribbon and events ...

What to do and where to start??

Begin with this:

a stunningly beautiful and touching post 

You simply MUST go see this post.




I'll wait.

Now ... go ahead and
do something to celebrate being alive!

feeling adventurous?
Something with your pals?
Perhaps host a pink tea?

Lots of pink tea pots to gush over at
who has

How to host a pink tea?
No worries!
Directions right here
so no excuses, girlfriend!

Maybe just
kick up your heels!

(Couldn't you kick it up
in a dress like this??)
available on Etsy from Ouma

Celebrate pink-ness
and sisterhood with
a stroll through 
Pink Saturday blogs
hosted by dear Beverly

Bottom line -
do SOMETHING "pink"!
If you sing a song ....

even if you begin by yourself ...

others will hear it

the sounds of joy

and join in the celebration.

We can impact the world when we work together.

Hugs and Encouraging you to Celebrate Pink in your own style!
Sammy Girl

PS .... I'm celebrating this weekend
Pinkness ... junk ... and a good cause.  It just doesn't get any better!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

White Wednesday - Here Comes the Bride

Yes it's Wednesday.

White Wednesday to be precise.

Yes -- I have missed some.

But here goes ....

Instead of looking 
far and wide
for pics promoting 
awesome-ness of white

let me 


some of my own


I wonder who the happy couple is.

And this one, too ...
"Aunt Myrtle and husband"

for those of you who

wedding related
It doesn't get any better than this ...
old white ironstone
and a vintage fork
with tines holding a placard.

From Elizabeth (of Elizabeth House fame) 
and her Carriage House Wedding

From the opening comment
"burlap is today's tulle" 
to the closing statement
"we trusted our hearts"

this is a site you will
fall in love with
each time you visit.


Hugs and Happy White Wednesday (visit Kathleen at Faded Charm for a list of participants -- and a giveaway!)
Sammy Girl

*note: all photos are believed to be weddings, but no guarantees!  All were purchased at estate sales, flea markets, ebay, and other sources.  No real information regarding individuals, (sometimes written on back) but consider them all family.  You may download the images to use in journals or other artwork.  If you do, please send me a pic of the finished project so we can celebrate together!
ps if you don't care for the style of dress, stick around!  More to come later ....  In the meantime, get a kick out of the elaborately painted backdrops ..... or furniture choices, hairstyles and "gleeful" expressions.  Enjoy!

Hats Off to Halloween!

How to "top off" your Halloween
ensemble or decor?

With a 
of course!

I know, I know ...
bad joke.

But hey, it's late!

Here's a
Witches' Hat
just in time for
The Witching Hour!

made by Rosemary Olson

So yummy you could eat it with a spoon!

Speaking of yummy, 
what if you were the

Queen of Treats? 


Queen of Tricks
is a better fit?

both of these beauties
can be seen at


than the Queen of Treats
or Queen of Tricks?


I guess that would make you the
Queen of Halloween!

Rosemary Olson
crafted the perfect crown!

you might need a
formal portrait!

This one mentioned on 
as seen at the Junk Bonanza.

And when you're not
granting royal decrees ....

nothing like a night out with Mr. Stein
(Frankie to his friends!)

But what to wear?

This, of course!

Spotted at mj ornaments
a Bethany Lowe Design ...

Hugs and here's to having a fantastic fall and classy chapeau!
Sammy Girl

note:  Roses Petite Maison and Thoughts from Alice W. blogs have tons of great stuff.  Also, mystery is afoot at mj ornaments .... so drop by any or all for a great time!