Saturday, April 24, 2010

Pink Pedal Pushers .... Part One

I've been thinking of this

Much more exercise than this

And much less hauling capacity than this:

(For a little pink love
from a prior post go

So why?

Cause I want to have

A little explanation about the difference between
pedal pushers and capris?

(and remember clam diggers?)


Who wouldn't want

More importantly,
who knew that Carl Perkins
wrote the
song about them?

(and you thought his only
foray into fashion was
Blue Suede Shoes?)

I wasn't listening to
Rockabilly in the 50's

but here goes ...

Well, she goes struttin' down the street In her sofisticated style
The way she's dressed was a knocking 'em wild
The cats started gazing till they called her out
Her pink pedal pushers was a-knocking 'em out
She wears a-pink pedal pushers, pink pedal pushers
Her pink pedal pushers has made her the queen of them all

She goes drivin' down the street in her brand new car
The cats started gazin' from near and far
She don't cause commotion till she steps outside
The cats get hep and holler, ooh-ooh man alive!

She's wearin' pink pedal pushers, pink pedal pushers
Pink pedal pushers has made her the queen of them all!

And just what would a
wear to
push those pink pedals?
Hugs and Happy Pink Saturday ---  and here's to having PINK KICKS of all kinds!!
Sammy Girl

ps ... the mirror tells me I'd better stick to black capris ..... but look at the great company I'd be in!!
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  1. Gotta love that bike! I just have to settle for wearing pink while I ride my YELLOW bike. Happy PS!

    Sherry @ A Happy Valentine

  2. Pretty pinks today!!
    My mom always called them pedal pushers!!

  3. Oh, I had no idea all the specifics of each kind of pant. I'd just lumped them together. I prefer pedal pushers for comfort, but I guess I also look better in capris. Either way, they're my summer pant of shorts for this gal!

    Thanks so much for stopping by to participate in the giveaway. I'm so glad that you did! Hope that your blogging buddies will, too. :D

  4. Sammy Girl, I love your pink pedal pushers. You have all the lingo down pat, Capri's and clam diggers were the rage too. Love the pink vehicles and bike too. what's a queen without a crown and pink sneakers. Love your cute post today.
    Hugs, Jeanne

  5. Okay that's it. I have to have a pair of pink pedal pusher! I bought me a pink bicycle last week. Looking for a basket for the front so my little dog can go along. Thank Target for a great bike!

  6. hehehehe i don't think i could fit into a pair ! LOL.
    Hugs and love, joey

  7. Love the pink. I need the black pedal pushers, but I have pink Converse tennies. What fun!

  8. Where oh where is my little friend Betty??
    Another state perhaps or country?
    Missing you girl
    Blessings Julie

  9. Just came by to say hi Betty

    Hope your summer is going well


    barbara jean