Thursday, August 22, 2013

Sammy Girl at Molly Mo's

The Molly Mo's Summer Antique Faire was so much fun!
I usually attend to shop, but this year I shared a tent with Lisa of Wind Horse Antiques & participated as a vendor.  I managed to grab a couple of pics ... but confess that they are pretty low quality.
Vintage country kitchen featuring red and white was the theme for this show ... and it was great to send some of my treasures off onto their next adventure.
I'll be at the Deepwood Vintage Flea Market in September.  The look will be completely different -- with nary a bit of red in the Solarium. 
Friday night, September 13, (yes, it's Friday the 13th)  will be GREAT FUN with live music, nibbles, beverages, and EARLY BUYING. 

You should pre-buy your $15 ticket for this Flea Market Soiree, as they are limited in number and going fast!

 Link for purchasing thru PayPal.

Thanks to all who stopped by to visit and those who adopted goodies and shared a smile.

Have a great weekend, and hope to see you at Deepwood!

Sammy Girl

Monday, May 27, 2013

Too much stuff? Sale Time!


How does it happen that one morning
you wake up and realize
you have TOO MUCH STUFF?
Not sure why or how ...
but it just happened! 
My love for rusty, chippy,  peely,
has finally caught up with me. 
A FULL garage & storage unit. 
It's time to pay for all those years of
"if lovin' you is wrong, I don't want to be right".
So what to do?
I'll be participating in Molly Mo's Summer Sale.
We are sorting and sifting.
Our efforts to "thin the herd"
is the opportunity to
  share our treasures with new owners.
(At "I-love-you-but-go-away" prices!)
This sweet RED CHAISE
 has been a favorite for years.
The simple self piping ...

the flirty but sweet legs ...

(Can you believe comfy for
a 6'6" over 200 lb guy!)
Well, she's up for adoption!
Now back to sorting the
rusty baskets
brass cow tags
and so much more!
Hope to see ya a Molly Mo's!
Sammy Girl. 

Friday, August 20, 2010

I'ts Time!


It's time for me to


Doesn't that sound like the title for a

Any-hoo ....

I am SO looking forward
to catching up with what


is doing!!!

look for a comment
from Sammy Girl
coming your way!!

Please leave a comment to let me know about
any "new" blogs you love
or important
changes to your blog
your family or your life ...

(and "new" is relative .....
i have been in a different non-blog universe since
well ... since FOREVER!!)

In the meantime ...

Here are two FABULOUS places
to be in Oregon
this weekend.

First .... a crazy barn
outside Oregon City is home
to our favorite
bohemian gypsy ...

Queen of Tarte!
Her end of summer flea is Saturday.
Check out her blog here

and come by to see her, the Barn Boys
and other special guests ... tomorrow!
I made these little picks for some goodies ...

And a bit farther south
where I'll be hanging out
having fun


Diane's blog (and directions) here

So many fun and fabulous vendors
will be in Sublimity (outside Salem)

Martha (Vintage Trifles)
Joy (Auntie Joy)
Guin (Rusty Rabbit)
Sara (Roost Revisited)
and MANY others
will be there!

You should come by to
visit .... laugh ... shop ...

Not in Oregon?  Find yourself a great flea market ... barn sale ... farmer's market and get out and have some fun where YOU are!  (btw ... Gravenstein Apply Days are in Hood River this weekend, too!!)

Sammy Girl 

Guess which princess graduated from Seattle University in June??  yep!  The Pink Princess!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Pink Pedal Pushers .... Part One

I've been thinking of this

Much more exercise than this

And much less hauling capacity than this:

(For a little pink love
from a prior post go

So why?

Cause I want to have

A little explanation about the difference between
pedal pushers and capris?

(and remember clam diggers?)


Who wouldn't want

More importantly,
who knew that Carl Perkins
wrote the
song about them?

(and you thought his only
foray into fashion was
Blue Suede Shoes?)

I wasn't listening to
Rockabilly in the 50's

but here goes ...

Well, she goes struttin' down the street In her sofisticated style
The way she's dressed was a knocking 'em wild
The cats started gazing till they called her out
Her pink pedal pushers was a-knocking 'em out
She wears a-pink pedal pushers, pink pedal pushers
Her pink pedal pushers has made her the queen of them all

She goes drivin' down the street in her brand new car
The cats started gazin' from near and far
She don't cause commotion till she steps outside
The cats get hep and holler, ooh-ooh man alive!

She's wearin' pink pedal pushers, pink pedal pushers
Pink pedal pushers has made her the queen of them all!

And just what would a
wear to
push those pink pedals?
Hugs and Happy Pink Saturday ---  and here's to having PINK KICKS of all kinds!!
Sammy Girl

ps ... the mirror tells me I'd better stick to black capris ..... but look at the great company I'd be in!!
Be sure to visit other Pink Saturday blogs at How Sweet the Sound and thank our hostess Beverly.
Six new "Pinkies" this week, including Susan at Ash Tree Cottage who is showcasing her quilt today!
Drop by and say "hi"!!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Blue Monday?

Did YOU have a "blue Monday"?


Not "blue" as in downcast or discouraged ...



See what I mean??

There were also bits of


And a lotta


Y'all know I love PINK!

and look how the tulips are

So nice to have some sun for a change.

Heck with
peaches and cream ...

That's how I want
MY complexion to look!

And a special treat today?

The quince tree was blooming!
My gosh ..
look at all those blooms!

Just beautiful!

whether I need
space for introspection ...

or a bigger picture ...

there's nothing like
taking the garden path


To keep me blooming!

Hugs and here's to you finding a bit of paradise of your own!

note:  garden at Historic Deepwood Estate - open to the public - FREE!  Salem, Oregon  (and always looking for garden volunteers!)

Friday, April 9, 2010

Springtime .... Time to Spread Your Wings!

Hey Chickie!

Time to fly the coop?

This morning I woke up and

1) felt good (health issues at bay)
2) was home (not that usual of late)
3) had nothing urgent on the calendar (hurray!)
4) realized I had not been to any sales this year
(the 4 Friends Preview doesn't count!)

So .... I did what any chick would do ...
Spread my wings!

Road Trip, Baby!

Well, not a REAL road trip involving overnight stay or driving more than 60 miles from home ... but enough of a road trip to energize my psyche and make for a fun day.

First Stop?
Harris Farms Spring Sale.

(they are open tomorrow, too!

Enjoyed the drive out of the city
and LOVED the items for sale.

Especially emjoyed
the spring florals touches ...

mmm mmm mmm!

Even though they are faux
don't you
the moss and white tulips
in this set of bed springs?

While there I chatted with
Natalie - "Sparrow"
sales - what we were buying
soldering - she invited me over to practice
and SWEETS! 

She will be making some of her
luscious goodies
for Cindy's next barn sale!
I understand they sold out pretty fast at the last sale ...

I'm just sayin' ...

being an early bird to get one
of Natalie's mini-cakes
is MUCH better than
getting up for a worm!!

Next Stop?
IKEA!  Always good for a pick-me-up!
(Must have their frozen yogurt!)
Bought a Benno DVD cabinent for studio storage.

Hmmm ... Where Now?

M O N T I C E L L O !!

First up was Cindy's front window.
As only the Queen of Tarte
can do!

A little chippy ...
a little funky ...

And a whole lot of
glamour and FUN!

Headed to the side room with the
spring sale.

A bunch of chickies
were gabbing about the sale.

Lots of
HUMAN chickies, too!

I bought a frame from Julie
Kindred Roses
(she should just set up at MY HOUSE!!)

oops ... no pics!

As I meanered around I saw
so many of my faves ...

Randy, ... AF&A, ... and Aleta

She is one talented gal!

Around one corner I saw just what


The 2 perfect salad plates
in Rose Chintz
were REQUIRED to come
home with me.

They are my everyday china!

Then I fell in love.
This mini greenhouse
was calling my name.

I blew a kiss and walked away.
Time to head home when you
want a greenhouse for your

Well ...

Seemed like enough fun
and it was getting late,
 so I didn't give into my wild child
and hit any Goodwill stores
and other thrifts on the way home.

When Mr. Sammy Girl came home
we headed out to dinner and
capped our evening with a bit of shopping at Nordy's.

Yes, the house is still a mess
and laundry needs to be done. 

But this chicky NEEDED today. 

I laughed,
I smiled,
visited with friends, 
listened to Mr. Sammy Girls' stories ...
and feel rejuvenated!!

Hugs and here's to a day doing just what you want with people who encourage you to spread your wings!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Pink Saturday -- A classic in it's own right!

Thinking of  ROSES?

Classic red?

Not me!

I love roses of any kind ....

but pink ones make me


Doesn't that make you
catch your breath?!

Cool pink ...

or this warm pink ....

They are


these look ready to arrange.

Look how nice they play with others!!

They are never jealous of their red sisters ...

and probably wish we would let them
entertain TOGETHER more often!

They can be


I think I love ALL pink roses
and feel they are a classic
in their own right!

OKAY - Sammy Girl
Tell us a story!

Well ....

A kazillion years ago
in a Goodwill Store far far away ....

Actually not that far away,
but before the
"new, clean and shiney"
Goodwill stores.

You know -- before they
pull dated the

We found this little thing

Isn't she a beaut?

(was just in a mat ... no frame)

Cabbage roses ...
a little hobby watercolorist?

Traces of the artistic muse ...
(pencil lines ...)

and signed by
M. K. Nelson -- 1912.

We decided it had been
painted by "Aunt Martha"

Ever since that day
 there has been a
special place in our hearts
for watercolors of

Just like the title says ....

they are

"A Bunch of Beauties"!

Hugs and wishing you a beautiful PINK SATURDAY full of adventures and things you love!

notes:  other than "Aunt Martha's" pic ... all others are by Paul de Longpre except for two by Christie Repasy.  Her classic "French inspired romantic"  roses can be bought online or in stores.  Her website here.  She currentlly has a SALE going on!!
Be sure to visit other Pink Saturday participants and stop by to say hi to Beverly at How Sweet the Sound and thank her for hosting this meme each week!  Click on logo on sidebar or here.
Finally --   That day so long ago?  Well, Mr. Sammy Girl said a lady followed me for the entire 1/2 hour I was shopping, apparently hoping that I would put it down the watercolor so she could claim.  "Aunt Martha's" picture today? It hangs in our living room and I see it EVERY day!