Thursday, August 22, 2013

Sammy Girl at Molly Mo's

The Molly Mo's Summer Antique Faire was so much fun!
I usually attend to shop, but this year I shared a tent with Lisa of Wind Horse Antiques & participated as a vendor.  I managed to grab a couple of pics ... but confess that they are pretty low quality.
Vintage country kitchen featuring red and white was the theme for this show ... and it was great to send some of my treasures off onto their next adventure.
I'll be at the Deepwood Vintage Flea Market in September.  The look will be completely different -- with nary a bit of red in the Solarium. 
Friday night, September 13, (yes, it's Friday the 13th)  will be GREAT FUN with live music, nibbles, beverages, and EARLY BUYING. 

You should pre-buy your $15 ticket for this Flea Market Soiree, as they are limited in number and going fast!

 Link for purchasing thru PayPal.

Thanks to all who stopped by to visit and those who adopted goodies and shared a smile.

Have a great weekend, and hope to see you at Deepwood!

Sammy Girl

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