Sunday, December 6, 2009

Vintage Christmas Monday - How Do You Feel About Red?

When a certain
little girl went to

visit granny

she had her
FAMOUS cloak ...

When Dorothy
needed a boost

she wore a


pair of shoes ...

he sang about this
sweet ride ...

my dear?

Ever considered the
equivalent of a
little black dress
for your
holiday home?

Look no further
than the

after 100 years
in the spotlight



maybe not



I love

vintage Christmas
pointsettia postcards
These cards are from
my collection.

Postmarks from the
early 1900's.

(postage - one cent!!)

(ok to scroll past)

We owe the Pointsettia to a southern gentleman.

Dr. Joel Roberts Poinsett introduced America to the poinsettia in 1828,
after discovering it in the wilderness in southern Mexico
while serving as the first US Ambassador to that country..
Dr. Poinsett, who dabbled in botany when he wasn't politicking between nations,
sent cuttings of the plant back to his South Carolina home.

I love the
colors and typestyles
of vintage postcards.

Hope you like these, too!

Hugs and Happy Vintage Christmas Monday .... hope these "reds" chased your "blues" away!!

Feel free to use these images for your projects! (please send me a photo or link if you do!!)


  1. Sammy Girl..THAT they did.....!
    You might wish to drop over to my blog and join my VINTAGE CHRISTMAS POST CARD PARTY.
    Please come over and leave your blog addy and I will send them here to take a look.


  2. Love red! Great post and thanks for sharing all your wonderful vintage postcards!
    Take care, Laura

  3. I love your poinsettia cards. They look so Christmasy. I think they look better on cards than in real life. "Percy the Puny Poinsettia" is one of my favorite Christmas songs.

  4. Hello... I still love the traditional reds and greens at Christmas time... your collection of vintage postcards is wonderful! And pointsettias are my favorite this time of year! Bisous... Jule Marie

  5. I love your postcards....maybe I'll start a new collection.......hmmmmm

  6. You have a wonderful blog...I will definitly visit back! Love how clever you are with your vintage christmas post on christmas reds, awesome.
    to answer you on the antique bed bench...we had someone do it, they cut the footboard in half and then made a bench.
    The banner is a Wendy addison...I own a shop and have plenty if you would like one. you can email me at: they are 46.95 but I could sell for 40.00 plus shipping. they are absolutly wonderful!
    Thanks for stopping by, see you soon. I want to come back and go through your archives.

  7. Hi Betty!

    I know, I wish we could have met! I was sorry to have missed you. You are so right, I must make a trip back because Isabel said there is just so much more to see! She said we hadn't even scratched the surface! Wow!

    I love your vintage pointsettia postcards. I have a thing for vintage rose postcards.

    Thanks for sharing! Have a great Monday!


  8. Hi Betty! Your vintage cards with pointsettas are so great! And you're so generous to share these lovely images!!!

    Happy Monday!

    :) T

  9. Beautiful postcards, and thanks for the history lesson on poinsettias! I had no idea that they were named after an actual person. I wish I had luck with them. Every time I get one, I always manage to kill them!
    Happy VCM!

  10. You have a beautiful collection of postcards and I love the "RED" lead in! Very clever. Happy Vintage Christmas Monday. xo Joan, your hostess

  11. Thank you for stopping by my blog. Love the postcards. I have a couple but my pointsettia passion is for the old boxes that have a pointsettia carved into the wood and colored. And I love the traditional red and green.

  12. Hi Betty
    Your postcards are great love the graphics on old postcards also. But you can have the pointsettia's, I am a Christmas baby and for years I always got several for my is not my color :) although my mother used to dress me in it when I was a child because of my dark eyes and hair, anyway have a great week

  13. Hi Betty
    Thanks for dropping by with your gracious compliments.
    No my birthday isn't right on the 25th it is exactly one week prior the 18th. My son in law is right on the 25th and we celebrate it together :)
    Have a good evening

  14. No blues for me just burr (cold) I love the reds as well. I bring the red out in maroon when I decorate for Christmas. Hugs to you, stay warm. Florence

  15. Hi Betty, thanks for sharing those beautiful postcard images! And did you FAVORITE color is red!