Friday, January 8, 2010

Pink Saturday - Optimistically

Looking at life through
rose-colored glasses

"with an attitude that things
are better than they really are"


Being an optimist
has options ....
Sorta retro 80's/90's
(what is this style callled?)

(of course!)
classic cat-eye frames ...

complete with just a bit

Something a little more
straightforward ...

business woman or
super hero disguise
(a la Clark Kent)

But even an optimist
can have a

bad day.

What's a gal to do
when the world hits
ya a good one?

Why talk to her

eternally optimistic
best friend.

Try to get a little different

perspective ...

(love the glitz and bling on those opera glasses!)

Or maybe just sit by the fire.

Things might look better
with pink glasses of bubbly.

The best pink lens to use
to see the world?

Just sayin' ...

No matter how rough the
you can be an optimist
if you know the happy ending.

Hugs and here's to maintaining a positive attitude in tough times ...

note: for more Pink Saturday with decor, collectibles and everything imaginable, visit Beverly at How Sweet the Sound here (or click on the Pink Saturday button on my sidebar).
Also, if you know Kathy from Mimi's Garden (click here to visit if you don't know her blog) please ask her how she has my Great Gramma's cookie jar. Seriously! I couldn't believe it ... although the lid to gramma's broke way back in the 60's, so perhaps it's a different one ... maybe.


  1. Things always look better through bubbles!
    Always looking UP!

  2. Thanks for your visit at Mimi's Garden, Sammy, and also for including my link today in your post! You're so nice! Small world, isn't it -try

    to look for a replacemnt lid for your grandmother's biscuit/cookie jar. There are several sites that offer replacements - Google it!

    Your pinks today are so cute. What a sweet furry girl, stylin' in her pink shades! Those opera glasses and the pink goblet are to die for.

    Happy Pink Saturday...have a beautiful weekend...Kathy

  3. Hi Betty! Thank you for coming by my blog to wish me a happy Pink Saturday! I really think you should give yourself a bit of pink hair, sooner rather than later! With my white head, it could work! The students would ask me endless questions about it though. Well, I just might do it. You are a sweetie pie! I'm glad I know you now!

  4. Cute post today! I think I liked the sound of that bubbly in the pink glass the best, though! Happy Pink Saturday, and hope you're enjoying your weekend!

  5. Cool glasses! Thanks for stopping by new blog and leaving a comment on my first Pink Saturday!

  6. I got a good laugh out of puppy with pink glasses. Who could stay down when looking at him/her? I like how you ended it with the Bible. Best choice yet. Rosie

  7. I love those pink glasses with the glitz added to them, I probably would just have them around, just to look at. I would be too shy to wear them in public. Florence

  8. I'm a day late and a dollar short with my Pink Saturday visits. The sun was shining too bright yesterday and just like a little kid I couldn't stop marveling at how lovely it was as it beamed through my lace curtains and puddled on the floor. My cats were in heaven.

    So, here I am today, a little late but thinking that I got a bonus because I avoided all the traffic!

    Lovely blog and the sweetest pinks that you shared. Thank you so much for making this such a lovely Sunday for me.

  9. Be an optimist - I'll have to keep that in mind always :-) Oh and thoe second pink glasses I wouldn't mind wearing :-) very quirky


  10. I love all the pretty pinks.. I wouldn't mind having the opera glasses. Talk about bling!!
    Happy belated Pink Saturday..have a wonderful week.